DLA AIR Card Product List

DLA AIR Card® Product List

AIR-Authorized-Products-1U.S. Government AIR Card® Authorized Product List

The following authorized aviation services listed below are permissible charges to the U.S. Government AIR Card®. The commercial receipt provided to the Ordering Official (pilot or aircrew) for signature shall contain ONLY authorized charges. The Ordering Official and/or the Merchant are financially responsible when UNAUTHORIZED services are requested or rendered.

Authorized Ground Service Ground Service Description
ABO Aviator Breathing Oxygen O2 for pressurized aircraft. Liquid Oxygen, LOX, O2.
Air Start External engine start.
Aircraft Cleaning Aircraft fleet service
Aircraft Rental
Aircraft Towing Tow Bar
Airport Fee
Airport Tax Tax imposed by airport authority – occurs at Oconus locations
APU Alternate Power Unit or Ground Power Unit (GPU) – used when aircraft needs power but does not want to use own batteries and/or fuel. ACU, GPU, Generator, Power Cart
Baggage Fee Baggage Service, Luggage
Callout Fees Overtime fees – charged when personnel are called out to the airfield after normal business hours.
Canadian Excise Tax
Cargo Loading/Unloading Services charged to load and/or unload any cargo. Porter, Conveyor Belt, Loader, Loading Equipment, Pay mover, MDL (Main Deck Loader), Tractor, Air bridge
Catering Catering for passenger flights ONLY (i.e. food and non-alcoholic beverages for non per diem passengers only).
Chocks Used to keep aircraft from rolling on the ramp.
CI Corrosion Inhibitor
Communications Forms of communications that are authorized for usage: sita, phone, fax, internet. **Cell phones may not be purchased**
Compulsory Storage Fee
Concession Fee An airport fee or airport concession fee is a recovery fee. The airport charges the car rental company a certain percentage of each rental for the right to operate on or near the airport. This fee is collected by the car rental company and paid to the airport. ONLY AUTHORIZED W HEN SECURITY FORCES REQUIRE RENTAL
Crane Truck Used for Cargo
Crew Transportation Crew Transportation to the airport terminal ONLY. Transportation services,(i.e. taxi, car rental, bus, etc) outside of airport are NOT authorized. (Ramp transportation)
Customs OCONUS locations when crew need to put paper work or visas through customs and immigration. Immigration, VISA, Port Health
De-fuel FBO removes fuel from aircraft for a number of reasons including maintenance. Can be a credit if the FBO “buys” wthe fuel from the aircraft and can also be a charge for the service of defueling
De-icing Glycol used to de-ice a plane
Detention Fee Fee charged as a result of detaining aircraft, typically due to non-payment issues – Non DoD only.
Dispatch Communication between ground crew and pilot
Disposal Fee Used when items need to be disposed of such as spilled fuel
Dolly Used for cargo
Energy Duty
Facility Fee Charged for use of airport facility
Fire Truck Fire Car, Fire Brigade
Flight Cancellation A pre-arranged flight cancellation charge when fuel and/or services were already obtained by the merchant
Flight Planning/W eather Meteo, Flight Tracking
Flowage Fee
Follow Me Small Cart with the words “follow me” directing the pilot to the ramp, taxiway, or back to runway. Leading, Aircraft Guidance
Fork Lift Used for cargo
Fumigation When customs is required to fumigate aircraft in certain countries and locations.
Government Thru-put Fee Contract CLIN—used on contract transactions only
GST Canadian tax charged on all services rendered in Canada
Hangar Rental Charges shall not exceed a few days; otherwise an alternate form of payment is required.
Harmonized Sales Tax Canadian tax
High Loader Used for cargo
Hook up Fee
Hydrant Fee Contract CLIN – used on contract transactions only
Hydraulic Fluid
Into-Bladder Delivery Fee Contract CLIN – used on contract transactions only
Into-Plane Fee Contract CLIN – used on contract transactions only
Into-truck/Into-bladder fees Contract CLIN – used on contract transactions only
Ladder Fee Stairs, Steps
Landing Fee Many airport authorities charge a fee for landing and using the airport. Normally added to final invoice at FBO. Typically based upon size and weight of air- craft. W eight Fee.
Lavatory Services Latrine, Toilet, Toilet Cart, W ater Service
Lighting Charge for when the landing lights must be turned on – usually after normal airport hours.
Maintenance Aircraft Maintenance, Maintenance Labor
Marshalling Charge for line service crew who manually direct the aircraft to a designated location
Mineral Oil Tax
Monthly Use Fee Contract CLIN – used on contract transactions only
Nitrogen Used in landing gear. Sometimes comes with Maintenance fee due to the fact that an A&P Tech must perform the service.
Noise Tax Fee charged by the airport authority for aircraft noise
Overtime Fee Fee charged when personnel are needed after normal business hours. Peak Charges, Holiday Charges, W eekend Charges
Parking Fee Fee charged to park aircraft at airport – typically for several hours or overnight. Reposition aircraft, RON fee, Overnight, Mooring, Stay over, Ramp Parking
Passenger Fee Typically OCONUS. Fees charged by airport authority based on the number of passengers aboard. PAX fee)
Passenger Handling Fees charged for FBO to handle any paperwork and/or luggage for the passengers. PAX Handling, PRM (Passenger of Reduced Mobility)
Passenger Provisions AO must approve prior to invoicing – food and lodging for non per diem passengers ONLY. (Emergency Use ONLY)
Passenger Tax Typically OCONUS. Taxes charged by airport authority based on the number of passengers aboard
Pilot Supplies Charts, sectionals, IFR Maps, approach plates.
Potable W ater Drinking water or water for lavatory sinks for hand washing purposes. Drinking W ater, Palletized W ater
Preheat Used when very icy or to heat up the aircraft before flight. Heater
Push Back Fee charged to push the aircraft back into a hanger, in a different section of the ramp, or back from the terminal. Nose Car, Positioning
Ramp Fee Fee charged as a basic fee that all aircraft pay for use of the ramp. Most often charged by the airport authority. Ramp Handling, Tarmak, Apron, Access to aircraft
Re-service Putting de-fueled fuel back on the aircraft.
Sampling Charge
Security Communication Security staff cell phone usage
Security Force Vehicle Rental Renamed from car rental. This charge is used when security forces guarding an aircraft use the vehicle as a shed
Security Services Aircraft Guarding, Security Escort Service, security supervision)
Slot Time & Fees Fee charged for slot time, typically at OCONUS high volume airports.
Spill Clean Up Fee
State Tax
Storage Fee Fuel storage fee
Take Off Fees
Tax/Fee/Duty Contract CLIN – used on contract transactions only
Terminal Operations Fee Operations, Terminal Fee, Flight Services
Tie Down Securing Aircraft to Ramp for a period of time, typically overnight.
Touch and go Type of Landing charge when aircraft land and immediately take off again – usually training exercise.
Trash Removal Garbage, Garbage removal, Litter service
Turnover Tax
VAT Value Added Tax
Vendor Admin Fee Fee charged to arrange services at an airport. Merchants arrange services at an airport with various local vendors. These vendors often require payment in advance or only accept cash payment. The coordinating vendor will pay the local vendors in advance for the services and bill the customer’s AIR Card. This allows pilots to avoid paying cash. Third party charge, agent fee, aircraft service fee, arrangement/coordination fee, administration fee, aircraft handling ser- vice charge