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Our heroes deserve to be served with impeccable speed and excellence on air, land and sea. Since 1988, we’ve been a trusted payments expert in the Government, General Aviation, and Marine fuel bunkering markets.

NBAA Member
Airborne Public Safety Association
NSBA Member

origins of KHI


Creation of AvCard aviation fuel card


KHI founded with AvCard as first product


Creation of SEA Card®



KHI Awarded AIR Card® and SEA Card® contract


Acquired by Corsair Capital


TreviPay Aviation Network Launch

RESQ Card® First Responder Launch


Perfecting payments technology every day.

With our affiliate and technology partner, TreviPay, we integrate the latest fintech innovations to make processing payments faster, simpler and more secure.

General Aviation Support

35+ years experience

KHI has a growing global network of over 1,500 merchants in 220+ countries and territories.

Air Card®

The only fuel card used for 20+ years.

Over 7,500 ICAO locations with over 1,500 direct merchants in 220+ countries and territories

250+ million gallons of aviation fuel purchased annually

More than 300,000 transactions processed annually

Sea Card®

The unlimited fuel card for 13+ years

Marine bunkering network of over 2,800+ ports in 175+ countries & territories

Supporting over 800 Seagoing vessels

91+ million gallons of marine fuel purchased annually

Never leave a warfighter or first responder stranded.

We are determined to earn our clients’ trust everyday. Find out how we can help you accomplish your aviation or marine mission, or how you can become part of our network as a merchant today.