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Access an exclusive market.

For over 30 years, KHI has been the exclusive contractor of the U.S. Government AIR Card® and SEA Card® programs, and the RESQ Card® program for state and local government first responders. With our advanced payment technology, it’s easier than ever for merchants to sell fuel and ancillary services to U.S. Government customers.

benefits to merchants 

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Easy to use payment processing

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Your world-wide contracts and pricing

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Multi-currency processing

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Level 3 data invoicing

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Split billing of fuel and ancillary services

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Accounting system integration

AIR Card & SEA Card Fuel Purchasing Credit Cards

Access spending power.

AIR Card® merchants have access to over 20,000 cardholders who purchase more than $240 million in transactions at card-accepting locations around the world. SEA Card® handles purchases of 91+ million gallons of marine fuel annually.

Access seamless technology.

KHI takes care of the logistics with our aviation and marine fuel locator apps that connect U.S. Government and other operators with fuel and service suppliers like you around the world.

Aviation and Marine Fuel Logistics

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