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General aviation.

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Payments Technology Ready for Takeoff

FBOs and trip support service providers can issue a branded card that delivers outstanding service and convenience as their clients travel the world. Powered by KHI, the global TreviPay Aviation Network offers your clients access to over 7,500 ICAO locations in 220+ countries and territories.

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Co-Branded Global Aviation Card

A single payment method for your clients that lifts loyalty and is agnostic in fuel procurement, with all the controls expected.

Reliable Transaction Processing

Transactions flow on existing, closed-loop rails, with data captured from a multitude of providers and in multiple forms, hand-written to digital invoices.

Client, Merchant and Cardholder Services

Issuing solutions with pay-out capabilities, invoicing and reconciliation.

Over 35 years of General aviation experience

The TreviPay Aviation Network combines KHI’s general aviation expertise with TreviPay’s 40+ years in commercial invoicing technology. One network connected by real-time digital technology.

  • Processing $7 Billion in transaction volume annually
  • TreviPay builds global B2B payments and invoicing network for manufacturing, transportation and aviation industries
  • Industry specific experience in invoicing, A/R and risk management
  • 30 years of payment card processing and industry experience serving the Aviation Industry​
  • KHI has been providing fuel payment solutions for the US government for 20 years
  • Global network and strong merchant relationships

Transparency everywhere.

Our rates are competitive, with easy payment options, convenient billing and one easy-to-manage credit line. Our advanced payment platform provides ultimate visibility and data integration for effortless invoicing and reconciliation.

Everywhere your client wants to go.

The TreviPay Aviation Network card solutions are accepted at nearly all commercial airports worldwide. No matter where, your general aviation card is backed by KHI logistics expertise and a worldwide merchant network.

The KHI Advantage:

We offer private businesses the same payment freedom and logistical can-do support we provide to the U.S. Air Force, Marines, Navy and First Responders. This means super dependable, on-time, every time fuel-ups—because the U.S. Government depends on us, and now you can, too.

Accepted at nearly all commercial airports worldwide

Online account and card management

Robust reporting, auditable billing and systems integration

24×7 logistical and operational support

More than 7,500 ICAO locations with over 1,500 direct merchants in 220+ countries and territories.

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Like you, we go beyond to support our clients with personal service.