Merchant Support

Merchant Network Support

Supporting the mission: Never leave a Warfighter or First Responder stranded 

KH Inc. is the exclusive contractor of the U.S. Government AIR Card® and SEA Card® online programs. KHI also offers the new RESQ Card program to the state and local government first responders.

With these programs, it’s easier than ever for merchants to sell fuel and ancillary services to government customers. As a business owner, not only is the sale important, so is the settlement and payment of transactions.

In addition to the vast exposure to fuel procurement opportunity, KHI provides automatic processing directly with KHI through avPOS. This allows for quicker submissions of transactions, reduction or elimination of paper submissions, reduction in errors, and more efficient, timely payment.

Merchant support is available 24x7x365 at 1-866-308-3811.

Special Notice to Merchants Operating in Germany

RESQ Card Program

Download the Merchant Agreement and Operating Procedures to participate in the RESQ Card program. Help us support our First Responders so that they can support us! Go paperless and process direct with KHI with avPOS.