AIR Card

AIR Card® Online Program

make selling fuel to the U.S. Government a breeze.

If you’re not selling to the U.S. Government, it’s time to reconsider.

The AIR Card® from KH Inc. makes it easier to sell fuel to the U.S. Government. The updated, merchant-friendly transaction processing system is fast, reliable, and always accessible. With an expanded choice of payment terms, KH Inc. can guarantee open-market payment in as little as three business days.

AIR Card® merchants have access to over 20,000 cardholders who purchase more than $240 million in transactions at card-accepting locations around the world. This expanded customer base helps merchants grow their business and profit potential. KHInc offers a reliable, secure transaction processing and fast, guaranteed payment terms along with a knowledgeable program support staff to make selling to the U.S. Government a breeze.

  • Join the AIR Card® merchant network and gain these advantages:
  • Access to worldwide U.S. Government fuel demand
  • Guaranteed payments options with low processing fees
  • Streamlined, reliable, PCI-compliant transaction processing
  • Professional customer service for both transaction and fueling-related concerns

The AIR Card® program provides a full range of fuel card services and professional customer support to the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency – Energy (DLA-Energy) and participating suppliers at commercial airports worldwide. Suppliers can participate in the program by becoming AIR Card® merchants.

AIR Card® has been redesigned to quickly and easily handle all the details of U.S. Government fuel procurement:

  • Air crews present their government-issued AIR Card® to fuel suppliers at airports around the world for the purchase of contract or non-contract fuel and ancillary services.
  • Merchants can accept the AIR Card® through a variety of electronic solutions including: AvPOS Web-Based Point of Sale (POS) and Mobile Application, popular FBO software packages such as TotalFBO, MyFBO, and FBO Manager, as well as through traditional POS machines.
  • AIR Card® transactions are electronically processed via KH Inc.’s secure, PCI-compliant network, all within U.S. Government requirements.
  • KH Inc. pays the merchant within agreed upon payment terms, and the merchant has the ability to view, manage and report on all transactions online.
  • New improvements to the AIR Card® merchant portal include dashboard views of recent account activity along with merchant control and management of their own locations.

Cardholders include personnel from U.S. military, federal civilian agencies, state and local agencies and other governments. The worldwide AIR Card® merchant network includes both contract and non-contract suppliers — all listed in the online FBO/Supplier Locator interface used by crews in need of fuel supply.