In order to participate as a contract merchant, you must solicit and be awarded a contract through DLA Energy.

To process non-contract sales through the SEA Card® online program, suppliers (both contract and non-contract) must register as open-market SEA Card® merchants. Contact our SEA Card® support team to enroll as an open-market SEA Card® merchant. Registration results in many benefits including an expanded customer base, improved communications and quicker reimbursements. Open-market program registration requires execution of a SEA Card® program merchant agreement. Execution of this agreement communicates acceptance of all program terms and conditions.

There are four payment options provided for the SEA Card® Online Program
Four Week Pay: 2.25%
Two Week Pay: 2.75%
One Week Pay: 3.25%
Three Day Pay: 3.75%

Once your port locations have been set up on the SEA Card® online program and you have been provided with a username and password, you can login at

The highly qualified SEA Card® support team is available 24/7.
Phone: +1-866-308-5475

If your order has been disputed by the vessel, you will need to work with the vessel, DLA Energy contracting and/or SEA Card® merchant support to come to a resolution in a timely manner. Please contact our support team for assistance.

Phone: +1-866-308-5475

Detailed tutorials are available on the SEA Card® website after login. These training materials can be accessed at any time and will guide you step-by-step though the system. If needed, we can also provide personalized web-based training via a webinar program. To schedule a training session, please contact your CPM office or the SEA Card® support team.