SEA Card

Are you capturing sales to the U.S. Government?

smooth sailing from inquiry through payment.

Are you capturing sales to the U.S. Government?

You may think that bunker sales to the government can be a hassle. The SEA Card® Online Program from KH Inc. has been completely revamped and makes selling to the government easier – and faster – than ever. Featuring an improved, user-friendly interface, the modern SEA Card® online program streamlines the entire bunker sales process into a fast, reliable and always accessible solution. With an array of payment options and the ability to manage government requirements and transactions on the fly, merchants will enjoy the benefits of the new SEA Card online program.

The bottom line is that with SEA Card® online program, you can sell fuel and ancillary services to the U.S. Government, and get guaranteed, quick payment. The new SEA Card® online program from KH Inc. is user-friendly and always accessible. The program streamlines and navigates the entire procurement process according to U.S. Government requirements, so you can focus on sales instead of the regulatory fine print and paperwork.

Join SEA Card® online program and gain these advantages:

  • Visibility to worldwide U.S. government bunker demand
  • Guaranteed open-market payment options with low processing fees
  • Modern, easy-to-use online system
  • Fast, reliable transaction processing
  • Professional customer support for both transaction and fueling-related concerns

The SEA Card® online program is the procurement system used for vessel bunker requirements, ancillary services, and transaction processing for U.S. Government fuel buyers and participating bunker fuel suppliers around the world. The SEA Card® online program handles both contract and non-contract open-market transactions.

The SEA Card® online program eliminates the need for back-and-forth phone calls, paperwork and intricate knowledge of government regulations. The whole process occurs electronically – even onboard a vessel:

  • Government vessels use the SEA Card® online program to conduct a port search for fuel and submit an order for contract supply (if available). If a contract supplier is unavailable, an open market quote request goes out to the larger SEA Card® online program merchant network.
  • Contract supply merchants respond through SEA Card® online program with product availability and delivery details, confirming or declining the ability to fulfill the order. If contract supply is unavailable, open-market merchants make price offers directly through SEA Card® online program.
  • The vessel selects the best offer or negotiates further details.
  • The vessel confirms delivery details before processing to ensure accurate billing statements.
  • SEA Card® online program tracks all orders electronically for full visibility, reporting and compliance. It also handles further confirmations or modifications, invoicing to government agencies, and ensuring merchant payment within terms – even in as little as three days.